Korin is a very old world. More history has been forgotten than is currently remembered. The oldest known stories tell of a world that was already old, from a time when the new gods came into power. The old gods, long mad, had been locked in the depths of the earth and in the most remote sky-lands. With the coming of the new gods, the peoples of Korin were put to task in constructing the great temples to honor them. Empires rose and fell. Kingdoms came and perished. Great heroes have been born, and died. Korin endures.

Korin’s history is scarred by the presence of the old gods. By wicked blood sorcery practiced by dark cults, and the siren song of power from fallen vis and other magical sky metal. There is gold and renown to be won by sword and spell in the world of Korin. Wealth ready for the taking.

Crossroads Bounties

The following has been posted around the Crossroads. These are public adventures or bounties, and thus there is a chance of non-player characters also going after these bounties.

Wanted Dead of Alive: Dagnyr Bloodpaw


Wanted by the Spears of Mandor for raids against trading along the Old Highway. Leader of the Jackal Gang. The Crown has offered a 500 gold piece reward for his capture or proof of death. An additional 10 gold pierces per left gnoll ear. Please contact Captain Gandros Drake of the Crossroads.

Dragonblood Needed

Drakes, Dragons or Sorcerer’s blood required by the Alchemist Berrek Sanger of The Crossroads. Paying top coin for fresh samples. Inquire at Sanger Potables in Crossroads.

Warning: Raiders

Several caravans have been destroyed on their way along the north road to Salt over the last month, little to no trade is getting through. Exercise extreme caution if travelling to the north. Adventurers interested in assisting have been asked to speak to Captain Gandros Drake of the Crossroads. The reward for stopping this threat has been raised to 3,000 gold pieces.

Blue Lake Danger

Be on the lookout for danger beyond the norm if traveling to Chu along the south road. Travelers have been disappearing near Blue Lake.

Korin: Legacy of Blood

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