Bloodhunter Drone


The Bloodhunter is a wicked beast created by the vampire lords of the fallen Sanger Empire of the Northlands. Designed specifically to hunt down those with vis in the blood, they are particularly adept at tracking those with magical blood, rendering them unconscious, and then manipulating their minds to bring them back to their immortal masters. It is said that the vampires who devour vis blood gain it’s power for themselves.

Bloodhunter drones are highly resistant to magic, can move around nearly invisible, and can track those with vis in their blood. Rumor has it they cannot go out in daylight, and they are repelled by garlic and the holy symbols of the Old Gods.

Enkindled Dead


The Enkindled are strange undead abominations that burn with an unholy radiance. Said to have originated during the betrayal of Dragon-Lord Pyros, these undead creatures hate life and seek to snuff out all of it with their unholy flame. Powerful creatures slain and burn tto death by the Enkindled rise as Enkindled themselves from the ashes of their former bodies.

Enkindled are, fortunately, quite rare. Where they go when their arson spree ends is anyone’s guess. An Enkindled Dead can fly, wields fire and is seemingly indestructible; the few times they have been stopped the Endkindled rises again from it’s ash body before the coals have cooled.


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