Aeons ago, history was lost. The old world was old as far back as recorded history goes. In that time, there were ancient gods. They had great and terrible power, and strode across the land reshaping it with their whim. It is believed that even these ancient primordial gods were not the first, as even the ruins of their temples were built on something even more ancient. It is during the time of the mad gods that man came into existence. Man brought with them belief in new gods, and those gods became manifest.

A great war split the world, between new god and old. The Old Mad gods decimated the lands, tearing asunder entire continents. Eleven Great Dragons rose from their slumber, and sided with the new gods. They used their ancient magic to help bind the Old Ones in massive prisons of vis.

The New Gods, now with only the Great Dragons as rivals, separated to command the hosts of mortals to build great monuments to their greatness. Several of the Great Dragons, ancient creatures, returned to their slumber, but five stayed active. Declaring themselves the Dragon-Lords, they build the first great empire in known history.

The Dragon-Lords coveted the power of vis, and had massive mines to find the magical crystals. Millions of slaves died in the pits to obtain the precious crystal for the Dragon-Lords. As hundreds of years passed, the tyranny of the Dragons grew worse and worse. Their empire was corrupt at it’s core, with the dragons dominating other countries in their lust for more vis.

The Dragons beget broods of their children, and from them even more. Eventually the dragons bred with the mortal races out of boredom, and that is when the first of the sorcerers were born. The dragons had made the mistake of giving magic to mortals.

In secret, the first sorcerers learned to control their power. They stole ancient tomes of magic from their dragon masters, and learned of consuming vis to make themselves stronger. They taught the slaves in the mines, who consumed stolen vis dust to awaken their own power. The secret cults grew out of the slave caste.

Through contacting demonic entities, the slave cultists learned of ways to increase their power to challenge their overlords. Through sacrifice, they summoned and bound powerful demons. Their plotting they caught the half-dragon spawn of the dragon brood, and sacrificed them for more power. Eventually they struck.

There is no recorded history of what happened to the Dragon-Lords. Some stories say they were hunted down and destroyed. Others say that they fled into another world through portals. Still others say they were only wounded, and went to sleep. What is know is that the empire of the dragon fell, and following it was the empire of Namaz-Kul, the Empire of Blood.

Namaz-Kul was chaotic. Ruled by one despotic emperor after the other. The strongest of the blood sorcerers would destroy his rivals and take the Dragon Throne. Eventually, the empire collapsed into a hundred smaller kingdoms. Strife and war tore them apart.

Sometime before Namaz-Kul collapsed, the Dwarves made their presence known. From great citadels in Korin’s mountains, the dwarves claim to have existed for a very long time. They worshipped the old one Dwur, it seemed, from a time before he had gone mad. Although initially untrusted by outsiders, the dwarves had access to precious vis, and that soon earned them great wealth and power among the surface races.

Orcs also appeared about this time, streaming from the depths of the earth. Long time rivals and hated enemies of the dwarves, Orcs were the children of the old one Orcus. Rage filled humanoids with a deep connection to the undead. They conquered many smaller kingdoms, forging an empire of blood and iron. But like all of the kingdoms of Korin, they too would fall in time.



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