Eastern Korin

North Manest

City of Mandor – Capitol of the Manest Kingdom and seat of the god Mandor.

Salt – Trade center of the world, Salt has the busiest harbor of the East.

The Black Tower – An ancient fortress predating the Kingdom of Manest. Ghost-lights are seen upon it’s walls at night.

South Manest

Crossroads – The Crossroads, a large town on the old highway. A major trade hub and meeting place for adventure seekers and treasure hunters.

Thule Dun – The floating city of Thule Dun, ruin of old. Legendary capitol of the Sorcerer-King Thule, his vast treasure vaults are rumored to hold great richest, unclaimed for centuries.

Ruins of Pelos – Once a city during the Dragon-Lord Empire, now a ruin given over to deadly humanoids and a dark cult.

City of Mordova – The Southern bulwark of the Kingdom of Manest, a walled city locked in battle with it’s rival, the Kingdom of Chu.

Rahzore – Once a city during the Sorcerer-King era of Namaz-Kul, long devastated by potent magics and holds a lingering curse.


City of Chu – Capitol of the Kindgom of Chu, a city of forges and training camps, locked in battle with Manest. Seat of the god Chuta.

Fort Grumrock – Battlefront fortress between Chu and Manest, controlled by the forces of Chu.

Fort Whitecrest – Fortress that protects Chu’s trade road toward Drulmush and the Crossroads.

Ruins of Dragonhold – Ancient Fortress from the earliest period of the Empire of the Dragon-Lords, said to be the resting place of several scions of the Great Dragons.


City of the Iron Gate – The capitol of Drulmush, seat of the god Drul. A city of craftsmen who work the metal pulled from the rich dwarven mines of the Dragon Tear Mountains.

The Tower of Frozen Shadow – Surrounded by the fog-locked Forlorn Lake, this tower is said to be made of frozen dark ice and the domain of a powerful necromancer.

The Dragon Tear Mountains – A mountain rich in metal and frequent skyfalls.


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