Vis is magic made manifest. (Pronounced Vee) Vis is essential to magic on the world of Korin. Apprentice wizards are fed small doses of Vis as they study magic under their mentors, to awaken the potential to wield powerful arcane magics. Sorcerers are exposed to Vis through their unusual lineage, a result of their magic infused heritage. All non-divine casters rely on Vis in some form or another to perform their magic.


Vis comes in several forms. The most common is elemental infused vis, which appears in places where the elements are particularly strong. Earthen vis in mountains, Life vis in deep forests, water vis in lakes and oceans. Usually vis forms glowing crystals that shimmer with an inner radiance. This vis is mined wherever it is found, and sold to magic users all over the world for use in magical items, spells and their continued training in the arcane arts.

The rarest form of vis, which has a vibrant violet hue, comes only from starfalls. Known as Pure Vis, or Arcane Vis, it is incredibly potent and extremely rare. Arcane vis is reserved for only the most powerful spells and enchantments. It is said that a wizard much acquire a pound of pure vis in order to transform himself into a lich. It is said that the artifacts of old were forged from pure vis, when the world was richer with it. Dark rumors suggest that pure vis can be mined from the bodies of the bound old gods, but who would risk awakening them?

Vis is also known to infuse materials. This results in the various “natural” magical metals and materials of the world. Vis infused silver creates mithril, and it is believed that all of the starmetals are infused by vis. This is what makes them so valuable for enchantment.

The Dragon-Lords of old required vast hoards of vis to increase their power to the god-like level they achieved. It is said that the Dragon-Lords consumed more vis than is left on Korin, and that once magic was much more common. Even today, Dragons are obsessed with vis and any large enough cache much be carefully guarded.

System Mechanics

Vis can be found, and has a couple of advantages. One ounce of elemental vis is worth approximately 1,000gp. It is very light weight. This is considered a dose. Vis can be used in place of normal spell components, special components, or to craft magical items.

A character can also imbibe a single dose of elemental vis. Doing so causes the following to happen:
The character must fail on a fortitude save DC 20 to be affected by the vis. Success makes him sickened for 1 minute. Failure causes the vis to affect him.

On a failed saving throw, a character gains one of the following: Regain a 1st through third level arcane spell or spell slot or gain energy resistance based on the elemental type of elemental vis imbibed. This resistance is equal to 20 points and lasts for 30 minutes.

After choosing their effect, the character must make a Will save to avoid addiction. DC 15.

Pure Vis is much more potent, and much more expensive. A single dose costs 10,000gp.

Like elemental vis, pure vis can be used in enchanting magic items, the crafting of much more potent magics, and for high-level spells. If an arcane spellcaster imbibed a dose of Pure Vis, the following happens:

The character must fail on a fortitude save DC 26 to be affected by the vis. Success makes them sickened for 1d6 minutes.

On a failed saving throw, they gain all of the following benefits: Regain all first and second level spell slots or expended spells. Regain one other spell slot or expended spell. All spells cast for the next minute are automatically maximized and empowered without adding to the spell level.

The character then suffers 1d6 points of strength, constitution and dexterity damage automatically. They must then make a second fortitude save, DC 20, on a failure they suffer another 1d6 damage to their Strength, Dexterity and Constitution. They must succeed on a DC 25 Will save or become addicted, regardless of all saves.


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