Noble Families

Many of the Ancient Bloodlines date back to the founding of the great empires of the gods, where the gods selected the strongest of the mortals to breed with and share their power. Their descendants now rule the factions of the various cities. They are powerful families, who are the highest authority save for the gods themselves.

There are older bloodlines still, bloodlines from when man and mad-god crossed paths. Bloodlines of ancient chief-kings and sorcerer-blooded.


These ancient bloodlines are the nobility of the city-states and god empires. Even the poorest house holds some sway and power, and their blood commands the respect of common folk.

Cinderlain – House Cinderlain is one of the strongest families still in existence. They do not owe this strength to their wealth, even though they are quite wealthy. They do not owe this strength to their influence, even though they are quite influential. No they owe this strength to the force of character of each and every scion of their blood. For every single member of house Cinderlain has had to prove themselves to the family.

From the moment they can walk, Cinderlain children are forced to learn and compete with their siblings. They must solve puzzles from their parents in order to eat. They must compete for toys to play with, stealing them from the house’s other siblings if they want entertainment. They must each learn one skill, usually a specialty of one of their parents – and should magic be in their blood they must practice it at any cost.

Upon reaching thirteen years of age, they are apprenticed out for three years to learn the trade that speaks to them the most. Most choose some sort of business, but many learn the way of the sword or spell to better prepare themselves for the Sundering. At sixteen years, the Sundering begins. They are stripped of all possession, forbidden from using their surname, and given rags and traditionally a pouch containing ten gold coins. Though some parents choose to give their child a spell book or a sword instead of gold. They are then told not to come back until they have proven themselves valuable to the family.

Thus the sundering begins. During a scions Sundering, they are not allowed to ask for assistance from the family, or even claim they are members of the Cinderlain. To do so would be a violation of the family honor and a sign of weakness. Some children die, or are never seen again. Stories circulate of Cinderlain scions serving as slaves in far off lands. These are the failures. They were never meant to bear the name. True champions of Cinderlain return, wealthy and powerful in their own right; ready to strengthen the house instead of weakening it.

Nytherein – The Nytherein family is one of the smallest of the ancient bloodlines that still hold power. Their power comes from the number of potent sorcerers and wizards in their family line. An abnormal number of this families’ scions possess skill in the mystical arts. Their primary power base is in the city of Mordova where their family controls the Black Academy, the most prominent (and one of the only) academies of magical study.

Nytherein almost controls a monopoly on large magical practice. Most arcane magic use in the eastern kingdoms is controlled by the house, or regulated by it. An exception to this is the Kingdom of Chu, where there has been little headway for the Mordova family. Nytherein scions are expected to learn about magic, even if it is beyond their ability to cast spells.

Due to their magical proficiency, the Nytherein controls the rare, but lucrative market on magical items. They produce most of the scrolls, potions and wands sold throughout the empire. Upsetting the family can result in being cut off from nearly every magical vendor in the world. Nytherein also controls the Dragon Gates, being the only ones with the knowledge to properly use them.

Tybold The Tybold family are


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