Dragonhold is an immense ruin, once a sprawling city that covered miles of the earth, between the Southern Sea of the Scale Peninsula. Once a city of gleaming towers, sky bridges, and permanent floating sky-islands that housed some of the richest treasures of the Dragon Empire. Now the city is a near pristine ruin, rumored to be cursed, and haunted by the souls of the betrayers who sought to kill Fafnir, the Dragon Lord of Greed, during the great uprising.

Many of the cities tall towers, floating island-neighborhoods and endless underground tunnels and hidden vaults are said to still be in pristine condition, the same as they were the day the betrayal struck. Few have ventured into the cursed halls of the ancient city have returned, but when they did they came laden with gold, vis, and stories of the horrors that haunt the place.


The Dead – The Dead don’t stay that way in Dragonhold. The entire cities’ population died on the day of betrayal, wiped out by powerful magics. Who unleashed those magics is subject to debate, but the latent magic animates any corpse in the area, and prevents the spirits of those slain from moving on. The city has an entire undead population, all hungering for the life force of any living would-be thieves.

Living Spells – Magic is manifest in Dragonhold. Spells with a mind and a life of their own fly through the air or roll across the ground, inflicting their dangerous, uncontrolled magic on anything and everything.

Unspoiled – They say that Fafnir hid his greatest treasures in the massive vaults of Dragonhold. Legend has it these vaults are unspoiled, their vast riches still there for the taking.


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