The Old Ones

The Old Mad Gods are rarely worshipped in the modern times. Those that do, do so in secret, for their worship is considered heresy. All of the gods are believed to have been driven insane, but remarkably, their current worshippers do not seem bothered by this madness.

Old God, God of the Sky, Stars, Vis (N, CN)
Domains: Air, Knowledge, Luck, Magic, Rune, Void – Chaos, Madness

Old God, God of Dragons, Nature, Beasts (N, CN)
Domains: Air, Animal, Glory, Knowledge, Plant, Scalykind – Chaos, Madness

Old God, God of Metal, Stone, Deep Places (LN/NE)
Domains: Artifice, Earth, Law, Protection, Strength, War – Darkness, Madness

Old God, God of Death, Destruction, Fire, Undeath and Revenge. (NE/CE)
Domains: Darkness, Death, Destruction, Evil, Fire, Strength – Chaos, Madness

Old God, God of Oceans, Storms, Rivers, Drowning, Poison (CN, CE)
Domains: Air, Chaos, Liberation, Travel, Water, Weather – Madness, Evil

There may be other, unknown Old Ones, whose names are lost to history.

The New Gods

Most of the new gods are separated by the regions they control. Two in particular, Synestra and Gheade, are non-region specific. Their following has spread wide. The other gods are concerned that they are growing too strong. In some cities, worship of either might be considered heresy against the “ruling” god.

God of the kingdom of Chu, Keeper of the Bloody Blade
Domains: Animal, Charm, Law, War

God of the kingdom of Drulmush, the Iron Gated City
Domains: Artifice, Community, Glory, Protection

God of Trickery and Corruption, God of Cultists
Domains: Chaos, Destruction. Evil, Trickery

God of the three kingdoms of Manest, the Prosperous One
Domains: Community, Healing, Nobility, Travel

Goddess of Healing and Light, Goddess with no city
Domains: Good, Healing, Protection, Travel

The Dragon-Lords

Of the 11 great dragons, only five were known to rise to the rank of Dragon-Lord, with the founding of the Dragon Empire. If the others are as powerful is a question that has been lost to the ages. Some of the Dragon-Lords are still worshipped to this day. Even though they are believed to be destroyed, they still grant power to the chosen few of their worshippers as the gods do. In the major cities, worship of the Dragon-Lords is just as heretic as worshipping the Old Ones.

Dragon-Lord of Poison.
Domains: Death, Destruction, Earth (Radiation), Scalykind (Dragons)

Dragon-Lord of Greed
Domains: Liberation, Luck, Trickery, Scalykind (Dragons)

Dragon-Lord of Iron
Domains: Artifice, Earth (Metals), Strength, Scalykind (Dragons)

Dragon-Lord of Fire
Domains: Chaos, Destruction, Fire, Scalykind (Dragons)

Dragon-Lord of Magic, Strongest of the Dragon-Lords
Domains: Law, Magic (Arcane), Void (Stars), Scalykind (Dragons)


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