Dova Skuld – Dragon Gate

Little is known about where the Dova Skuld come from, but most attribute them to the Dragon Empire. Most major cities have one, and many of the old ruins have them as well. The Dragon Gates are huge chambers, with focused vis ruins in concentric circles around the flat stone floor. Several strange metallic skymetal orbs operate like a gigantic arcane astrolabe at the ceiling of the chambers.

Operation of the Dova Skuld is strictly controlled by the Guild of Doors, which operate in the cities with a still functional Gate. These wizards have been highly trained in operating the gates, and require the consumption of large quantities of vis in order to trigger the gates to function.

Once the proper rituals have been performed, the gates aligned and the magic invoked, the gates allow a portal to be generated to any other working gate – provided the gate’s coordinates are known. Travel is near instantaneous, with travelers stepping through one glowing portal, and appearing minutes later at their destination regardless of distance.

Legend says that at least one of the Dragon-Lords used a Dova Skuld to escape during the rebellion, though where they went is unknown.

Use of a Dova Skuld is extremely expensive, and is usually only done at the behest of a God or for an extremely high price. The vis requirements alone make it impractical for every day use.


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