Soldiers of Chu


Chu Soldiers are feared throughout the East. There are two main divisions between soldiers in Chu, the Officers which are taken from long warrior bloodlines, and the rank and file soldiers who make up the bulk of the army.

Chu rank and file soldiers are chosen at birth, by a priest of Chu who moves through the birthing houses and slave pits on a daily basis, selecting soldier candidates that Chuta directs him to through his faith. Once the children are selected, these infants are taken from their parents who are given gold for their sacrifice, but it is not unheard of for the money to be turned down – many in Chu consider it an honor to be chosen for service to Kingdom and God.

These children are raised without attachment, their caretakers changed on a weekly basis to avoid attachment. Years are spent with the same drill instructor, the same man who teaches them the basics of living is also the first one to put a sword in their hand. By five, humans have learned to fight. Orcs receive more accelerated training due to their quicker maturity rate.

Training in Chu’s army is brutal. More than half of all trainees die within the first four years of real training. They are forced to compete as units for food, sleep, and other necessities. Only the strongest survive, the weakest are killed in training either through accidents or at the hands of their own unit.

Chu’s army is trained to fight with several weapons, but they are renowned for their style known as Bladebreaking, which involves duel wielding a battleaxe and a warhammer. The hammer smashes through enemy defenses, while the axe cleaves through their flesh. The very offensive style has proven itself time and again on the battlefield.

Soldiers of Chu

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